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지난 7월 5-6일, 송도에서 열린 UNFCCC의 2018 SCF Forum에 GEYK 멤버들이 세계의 기후변화 청년들의 모임인 YOUNGO의 대표로 선정되어 다녀왔습니다. 당차게 클로징까지 마친 김진영 부회장, 강다연 팀장, 그리고 조규리 멤버의 모습이네요. ^^


We Youth are here to represent. We know that there are a lot of funds, banks, institutions that have money and we are not here to listen to how many there are and how much they have. We are here to know it those institutions or money will be allocated towards insuring intergeneration equity. So stop talking about what is climate finance on and on…and please make our future SAFE!!

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