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People’s Climate March in Seoul. Photographer: Chang-gu Kang

During the global climate march I was in South Korea and got lucky to find out what was happening here during that special day. The increasing intensity of the sand storms which are carrying a big amount of pollutants and also the intensified desertification in China, highly affect the air quality in Seoul and other important cities in South Korea. This facts, raise not only environmental questions but also the ethical ones. I would better not imagine to what kind of conflicts it could lead, if we had only an intensification of pollution, forests cutting and an irresponsible attitude towards our planet and our neighbors. On one of the marches in Seoul, we counted around a hundred of people of different ages and origins. It pointed to all of us again, that we are one nation of human beings and the problem is not affecting just our plants in the garden, it creates a high risk for our further development and the future of the next generations. Here in Seoul, people marched proudly around the city center with a clear pray for a change. Change which should come not only from our pockets but firstly from our minds and hearts. Change which will give us hope and will let us be free of judgments and worries.

I would like to express gratitude for all of those who contributed to a successful organization of the Global People’s Climate March, it was a great job which will stay in our history and our hearts.

Written by Evghenii Godunov, Gutta-Club


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